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Historical --- Xie Xin is an old and famous mill and an historical Chinese Time-honoured Brand.

Nowadays, the textile industry in China has progressed so significantly that it is by far a worldwide leader in this industry. Xie Xin dates back to 1935, when the textile industry in China was still in its infancy. This year, in Wuxi--- the bank of Taihu Lake, which is known as the birthplace of China national industry, the pioneers of the national industry with their representative - Tang Xiangting re-established XieXin mill with a new sense of national pride. During nearly 80 years of self-independence and overwhelming changes in times,  Xie Xin has contributed a great deal to the development of the China textile industry as a whole and was often coined "the cradle of the China wool textile industry". Its history is like an old song - a moving story of hard-working people across several generations and their hard work and determination towards a national industry.

In 1935, XieXin mill was established, during the birth of the worsted wool textile industry in China.

In the 1940s and 1950s, XieXin fabric was exported all over the world and they enjoyed a good reputation both at home and abroad.

In the 1970s and 1980s, XieXin fabric was honoured with countless quality awards and was approved for use of the pure wool mark from IWS.

In 1989, XieXin was regarded as a leading national enterprise in the Chinese textile industry.

In 1990s, Xiexin was the first to develop 2/140 Nm pure wool high quality fabric.

Since 1993, Xiexin has made huge Capital investments in technological developments and state of the art equipment.

Since 2003, Xiexin fabric has been pegged a famous Chinese brand by the National General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

In 2009, Xiexin moved its facilities to a newly constructed state of the art facility which was completely modernized and better suited for international business.
New--- New image, New Mill, Keeping up with the times.

After entering the 21th century, when globalization started to emerge, XieXin knew this was an opportunity. So with hard work, determination and innovation, Xie Xin emerged as a modern mill ready to serve the world.
XieXin has invested in state of the art sophisticated equipment from Italy, Germany, Britain and Switzerland, resulting if greater production efficiency. Both the non-knot rate and the non-shuttle rate are at 100%. XieXin's annual production output is at 8 million meters.
Xiexin has established a provincial level high-tech centerXiexin is considered a high-tech enterprise, and they have achieved full certification for product quality through ISO9000, ISO14000 and ISO18000.
Xiexin has invested a lot into technology that dramatically reduces their consumption of water, electricity and gas. A lot of effort is being made to control emissions by means of recycling.

With the development of 150 –180’s worsted fabric made of 11.9μ superfine wool, Xiexin has reached the the highest levels in international standards.

Xiexin fabric is highly regarded as a mill brand of choice by various government departments such as the national Police, the Courts, the Taxation, Railway, and Military units and a proud supplier for the 2008 Olympic Games.
Competitive fabric----Key Technology, High level management, and High quality.

Tradition, professionalism, and quality, all serve to represent Xie Xin.

To be the best, Xie Xin cannot reply solely on its superior design capabilities and its hard working people. In order to always be better and to establish an International first class reputation, XieXin invested heavily in technology - Equipment, and high level Management. XieXin recruits worldwide for experts in different categories to better ensure the highest level of quality and technical support.
Xiexin fabric has been exposed to a high level in many international markets Their products are well respected and appreciated by many internationally renowned fashion brands.  A well styled line at most competitive prices is what designers shop for. Xie Xin offers color direction, interesting weaves and textures, and a good variety of pattern work with attention to detail. You can easily imagine tailored clothes just by the touch and drape. That’s what makes a good product great.

XieXin fabric is not only natural, breathable and environment friendly, but comfortable to wear as well. In today's age, health and well being is the new fashion, and many people are more in tune with comfort and the environment. Xiexin plans to monitor the latest fashion trends and will continue to innovate towards function and comfort by means of smart engineering, design and finishing techniques.
Honesty---responsibility, quality control, and integrity.  All is needed to be a successful mill.

Xie Xin is not just a raw material supplier to the Garment factory but a contributor to the fashion industry as a whole .
Xie Xin always considers its roll in society. Xie Xin is a culture in itself with a long history. Generations have served it proud and only through these many generations can you achieve such a high level of product. 

Todays market is competitive and the industry has high demands and expectations for quality. But for 80 years, Xie Xin has maintained its position, learning from each previous generation before them.
Xie Xin will continue to show social responsibility, and will participate in many new environmental initiatives. Xie Xin will do their part and will impress the corporate world.
Xie Xin knows already that they are well respected but will always strive to do better. They wish to be an industry leader and an example of a well managed business.

Exceptional quality and fashion is what Xie Xin represents.