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Wuxi Xiexin Worsted Spinning Weaving And Dyeing Co., Ltd.

Historical --- Xie Xin is an old and famous mill and an historical Chinese Time-honoured Brand.

Nowadays, the textile industry in China has progressed so significantly that it is by far a worldwide leader in this industry. Xie Xin dates back to 1935, when the textile industry in China was still in its infancy. This year, in Wuxi--- the bank of Taihu Lake, which is known as the birthplace of China national industry, the pioneers of the national industry with their representative - Tang Xiangting re-established XieXin mill with a new sense of national pride. During nearly 80 years of self-independence and overwhelming changes in times,  Xie Xin has contributed a great deal to the development of the China textile industry as a whole and was often coined "the cradle of the China wool textile industry". Its history is like an old song - a moving story of hard-working people across several generations...


More over 80 years of the journey

History of entrepreneurship and development

Born in war time

The birth of Xiexin is in the war of resistance against Japan, but also when the fall of Wuxi, a large number of Japanese monopoly of the textile market, the national textile industry in a precarious situation...

Growing up through hard time

After the liberation of 1949, Xiexin under the leadership of the party, the workers turned their heads, burst out a great enthusiasm for the work, the enterprise to overcome the difficulties to resume production, in January 15, 1955 public-private partnership...

Became stronger in the reforming

In December 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party of the People's Republic of China brought the spring and the opportunity of reform and opening up to the development of Xiexin.

Promoted in cooperation

Xiexin faced with opportunities and challenges, in 1991 and Taiwan Jiayu Service Co., Ltd. joint venture to create a new Garment Co., Ltd.. On the basis of success, in 1993 and again with Taiwan Jiayu Co., Ltd. joint venture founded Wuxi Xiexin Wool Textile Dyeing Co., Ltd., ...

Development in the transformation

In the tide of reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises, in 2005, Xiexin was incorporated into the League of Nations (Development) Group Co., Ltd. In May 2008, Our company implemented the "Retreat City" project according to the overall requirements of the Wuxi Municipal Government on the adjustment of the industrial layout of the urban areas...


Wuxi Xiexin Worsted Spinning Weaving And Dyeing Co., Ltd.

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