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Xiexin's 80 years of journey, is a brilliant entrepreneurial history and history of development.

1. Born in war time

The birth of Xiexin is in the war of resistance against Japan, but also when the fall of Wuxi, a large number of Japanese monopoly of the textile market, the national textile industry in a precarious situation. At the beginning of 1935 by the Tang Xiang Ting, Tang Junyuan, Tang Xiongyuan, Rong Yiren and other 15 people, initiated the founder of the "Xiexin Wool Textile Dyeing Co., Ltd.", the site selection in the new road at the end of the town of Wu More than acres. Legend of the five streams of the land, is a piece of Golden Rooster. The founder of Xiexin shareholders raised a total of 200,000 yuan, in February 1935 began to British and German businessmen to purchase 1,800 pieces of worsted spices, 48 ​​looms and spinning, weaving, dyeing equipment and imported wool Raw materials, specially engaged in the training of the letter of the letter, the fourth quarter began production, in 1936 the production of worsted Nerong 227,000 meters, woolen fabric 9,700 meters, China's wool industry to create a move. Registered trademark for the "three Yang Kai Tai", "Wufu Rimen", "Wanbao poly", "Fu Lu Chunxi", "Wannian Fortune", "concentric love forever." Products sell well in the domestic market and exported to the Southeast Asian islands. Construction plant only two years, the factory profit of more than 200,000 yuan, all recovered the investment. Xiexin Nerong in Shanghai market proud, for the wool industry has won an international reputation.

2. Growing up through hard time

After the liberation of 1949, Xiexin under the leadership of the party, the workers turned their heads, burst out a great enthusiasm for the work, the enterprise to overcome the difficulties to resume production, in January 15, 1955 public-private partnership , The factory carried out a system reform, set up a factory democratic management committee and labor competition committee. In the ten years of socialist construction, Xiexin staff to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit of struggling to establish a catch up with the ambitious ambitions, so Xiexin has undergone enormous changes. Xiexin of the Huada it more than the British brand "three five card" tweed, where legislation and other products are catching up and over the quality of the United Kingdom, the United States. In the decade of the Cultural Revolution, the name of the enterprise was changed to "Dongfeng Woolen Mill". Xiexin 's staff firmly believed in the leadership of the party, ruled out all interference, persisted in production, and enabled Xiexin to survive and grow.

3. Became stronger in the reforming

In December 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party of the People's Republic of China brought the spring and the opportunity of reform and opening up to the development of Xiexin. Xiexin experienced three transitions of production type → business type and outward business type , Has established a "meticulous talk about quality, work together to fight first-class; not in the country to grab the site, to go abroad to fight the market" business philosophy, enterprises have won the national two gold two silver, twelve gifted products, since 1984 To seventy percent of foreign trade exports for five consecutive years ranked first in the country counterparts, enterprises in 1988 to enjoy the right to operate their own export, in 1989 by the State Council Enterprise Steering Committee as the first batch of wool industry only Of the national level enterprises. Enterprise equipment and strength has been greatly grown.

4. Promoted in cooperation

Xiexin faced with opportunities and challenges, in 1991 and Taiwan Jiayu Service Co., Ltd. joint venture to create a new Garment Co., Ltd.. On the basis of success, in 1993 and again with Taiwan Jiayu Co., Ltd. joint venture founded Wuxi Xiexin Wool Textile Dyeing Co., Ltd., Xiexin began a far-reaching significant turning point, the introduction of the international advanced equipment, technology And management, created a new chapter in the development of Xiexin. To achieve a hundred percent of the yarn without defects, weaving 100% shuttleless, dyeing and finishing high-end functional finishing complete, to catch up with and exceed the level of international equipment, product quality and grade on a new level. In 1998 and set up a Wuxi Xiexin Group Co., Ltd., began Xiexin Group to do fine, bigger and stronger economies of scale, the same year and backdoor into the Wuxi Tai Chi Industrial listed companies in the market economy continue to fight, Strengthen the competitive strength.

5. Development in the transformation

In the tide of reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises, in 2005, Xiexin was incorporated into the League of Nations (Development) Group Co., Ltd. In May 2008, Our company implemented the "Retreat City" project according to the overall requirements of the Wuxi Municipal Government on the adjustment of the industrial layout of the urban areas, adhered to the guiding principles of simultaneous development and energy conservation, development and conservation, relying on product structure adjustment , With new technology, the application of new technology to promote the focus, focus on building energy-saving environment-friendly enterprise system, with less than a year in April 2009 the overall relocation to Wuxi Xishan Economic Development Zone. At the same time, Xiexin joint-stock enterprise restructuring, to achieve the optimization and upgrading of enterprise structure and economic development of a fundamental change. On the basis of this, Our company successfully completed the share reform on June 29, 2016, and changed the establishment of the joint stock limited company. On August 30, 2016, Our company submitted to the National Small and Medium Enterprises Share Transfer System Co., Ltd. "on the shares in the National SME Share Transfer System Listed on the application report ", by GP2016080227" acceptance notice ". November 30, 2016, Our company obtained the share transfer system letter [2016] No. 8778 "on the consent of Wuxi Xiexin Wool Textile Co., Ltd. stock in the national SME share transfer system listing letter", through the Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau counseling acceptance. December 19, 2016, Our company successfully in the national SME share transfer system listing, began a second venture.